Shipping & Delivery

How is my order shipped?

We use our premium and reliable delivery partners to deliver orders to your doorsteps.

When can I receive my order once it is placed?

We take only about 3 to 7 days for most of our products to be delivered to you. We also offer some exclusive handloom products, which typically takes about 2-3 weeks for us to source those special items and dispatch accordingly. To be noted, the 3 to 7 days criteria is not always applicable for bulk orders as they can vary depending on the quantity. Regardless, you will always be duly posted about the status of the order and also will be provided a tracking number to check the status yourself.

How do I track or check the status of my order? 

Just under the section “My Account”, kindly click on “Orders”. Here you can find the status of your order(s) in real time and also see a list of all the orders placed from your account. To further add to your convenience, we have added an automated SMS and email notification feature which will keep notifying you the status in real time.

I have ordered three sarees; will I get them in one order?

No, only the items in stock will be dispatched in one order.

Can I use different shipping addresses for one order?

Currently, only one shipping address can be processed for a single order. You need to place another order for a different address.

Are there any shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the postal codes. International shipping charges including custom duties, import duties and taxes will be levied and may also vary depending on the location.

My package was undeliverable.

Be it international or domestic shipping, a delivery attempt will be made 3 times. If for any reason such as due to address, or failed delivery attempt or refused to entertain by a recipient, it will be returned to us and marked as an undelivered.